Introduction to the project

The starting point of this project was when Youkobo Art Space asked me to think about a concept I would be interested in developing during my internship with them, with the goal of organising an exhibition or art event as its conclusion.

This is a laboratory of intensive exchange of experience and knowledge involving the participation of seven people: Annegien van Doorn (artist, Holland/Spain ), Verónica Luyo (artist, Peru/Spain) Yasuto Masumoto (artist, Japan), Kazuhiro Masuda (artist, Japan) Kanako Hayashi (artist, Japan), Jaime Humphreys (artist/curator, UK/Japan) and Marta Gracia (curator, Spain/ Japan).

Over the course of four meetings, the participants are exploring how they relate their own work and practises to the wider art world, while also exchanging different approaches and ways of working with the concept of everyday experience. The objective is to exchange ideas and experiences and work together using different approaches to produce a concrete art presentation.

Allan Kaprow

"When you do life consciously, however, life becomes pretty strange"

research areas

How do translate an everyday experience into an artwork?

Laboratory Framework

The framework of this workshop is based on:


An exchange of art approaches, methods and creative processes among the participants.


How the various art approaches of the participants in the laboratory can work together

How it is possible to transmit the interaction of those approaches in a meaningful form to an audience

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 4

·Discussion about how the participants work with the concept of everyday experience:how do translate an everyday experience into an artwork?

·Discussion about how the participants relate their own work and practises to the wider art world

·Preparation of the Open Lab/Artist talk


Wednesday, June 17, 2009